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About MHA Infotech

Under the name of MHA Infotech Sdn Bhd, it explains to a great extent of the operations of our company. MHA Infotech is better defined as an endeavor to venture and exploit the booming market for Metal Fabrication, Backup Power System Solution and Powder Coating in Malaysia. It would primarily be involved in Power Solution and Metal Fabrication with powder coating services. There are specific fields of Powder Coating, Backup Power System and metal fabrication that will also be specialization of the company and they are:

* Metal Fabrication for Outdoor Cabinet
* Powder Coating Services
* Backup Power System Solution
* Low Voltage(LV) Switchboard
* High Voltage(HV) Switchboard
* Solar Solutions
* EV Charger



* Providing best-of-breed Business Solutions, leveraging on Cutting Edge Technologies, committed and delivered by best-in-class people
* Represent Malaysia Power Solution System platform globally
* Unleash the collective knowledge and intellectual potential
* Competitive and grow the value of Power System, Fabrication and Powder Coating yearly
* Be the best employer of choice in Powder Coating, Fabrication and Power System fields
* Wholeness and Wellness in Human Capital


* To be a reliable and responsive in Fabrication, Powder Coating and Power System business partners
* To provide user-friendly, proven-technology, cost-effective , and time- delivery of solutions with dedication and commitments
* To be customer oriented, meeting requirements and standards through best-breed process and methodology.

Meet Our Top Management

Chief Executive Officer

Phone: +60 19-721 0903

Email: hasyim@mha.my

Chief Financial Officer

Phone: +60 19-772 1903

Email: rubina@mha.my

Chief Mechanical Officer

Chief Production Officer

Chief Electrical Officer